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Rich Allcorn - cowboy at Rodeotown (Marble Falls TX)Guest Speaker!

Rich is available to come and speak at your school, your business, your church, your outdoor meeting ... whatever the meeting, a keynote speaker sets the tone for the meeting, and marks the level at which folks will remember the meeting, it's purpose, and it's goal!

Just remember it this way ...
The one single word that they use to describe the guest speaker you have, at your meeting, will be the rating they give your entire meeting.

Was it "dynamic"? Was it "entertaining"? Was it "memorable?" "Moving?"

Ask yourself, what you want to "stick with them" when they leave?
Rich has a nack and an ability to "hit the mark"! And if you don't hit a core note, or at the very least, move some basic foundations in people's lives, next week they won't even remember your meeting at all! Nor, will they want to come to the next one!

So, with that being said, let me ask you what "YOU" want your meeting to accomplish? What is the audience? their age? their interests? their education level? What is important to them now? What "needs to be" important to them after this meeting?

These are some of the questions I ask myself when I am invited to come and speak to a group, a corporation, a school gathering ... and even a church! If I cannot bring something to the table that will radically change their lives, after hearing me, then what is the point in my coming?

If I have, in any way, peaked your interest, please contact me.
Let's plan a meeting!

My contact information:
... is found below. I am reachable by email, by this website, and by telephone. Your only reason for delay is to ask yourself this question: what do I want to achieve from this meeting? Each and every meeting, be it a business meeting, a conference, a lecture, all have a goal and a purpose. What is your purpose for holding this meeting? Consider that, and call me!

the prophet

A Brief Word about Rich!

I am hopeless romantic, people tell me. I see things through eyes of a visionary, an exhorter, a prophet ... I believe in people! And I love to encourage them! You see, I believe that most folks do not succeed because they do not believe in themselves! They can't "see it" in their lives, so it never happens!

My core values are those of a cowboy ... not the Hollywood version, mind you, but the real dea! I believe in character, in integrity, in your word being something that you treasure. Things like honor and worth are important to me. I believe in these things! Some of these have become memories to many, and to others it is worth nothing at all. You can see it in their lives. But I believe they still matter!

Truth is something I embrace. I find that truth and facts prove to be two very different things. Facts change ... truth does not. Embrace the truth and you cannot go wrong. I also believe in respect, the responsibility to give it, and the right to expect it in return. People are important to me. I'm not just talking about those who will advance my career, but the guy who empties my trash, and the folks who clean the office, the elderly I might meet during the day, and even the little child who braves their timidity and speaks to me - I like to make time for them all. God made them special, each and every one of them! They are important!

Our society sometimes treats people like they don't matter, like they're "expendable", easily replaceable. And if you treat them that way, at some point you'll have to replace them, because they won't want to stay around! You see, people are not mindless robots, that you just order about, and direct them as to where you think they ought to go. They have hopes, and they have dreams ... things that are important them ... that drive them! And if you speak to "these", and address these, you have their undivided attention!

I am one who can sit down and converse with a scientist, an engineer, a doctor, or just about anyone! Whatever your career or interest, we have something to talk about. And as I look upon the different races of people in the Earth, I am amazed at how wonderfully different we all are! God made us that way! And each of us has a gift, a service, a "knack" for something that the other has a need for. Each race, and more importantly, each and every individual in life, has a special talent - a gift, that sets them apart from everyone else! That makes you unique! That makes you special!

Thanks to the things that God has deposited in my heart, and to the mind that he has given me to work with, I have enjoyed the taste of areas of knowledge that I never dreamed possible. Because of these various areas of interest and experience, I have found that people often want to hear me talk about it. I'm really not sure whether it's the stories, or the cowboy, or what, but they seem interested in what I have to say. I love to meet these folks and to talk with them, and I love getting to share with them what I've learned in life!

Contact Us ...

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15612 Poynette Place, Austin Texas 78717-5351 USA


*Virtual Office: 01 - (512) 782-9949 (if no answer, please leave a message)
AT&T iPhone: 01 - (512) 844-7424 (844-rich)
*Note: my office telephone is virtual, and goes with me, as I travel
..........(I can be reached there, on-the-road or at home)

..*for urgent text messages to my cell only, please

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